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Fourth Degree Exemplification
Saturday, May 5, 2018

St Peters Catholic Church, 4500 Duxhall Dr, Lincoln, NE

1:00 PM Candidates register
1:30 PM Degree Starts
1:30 PM Ladies Program
400 PM Mass (with Honor Guard)
5:00 PM Social & Photo Shoot
5:30 PM Dinner (Candidates spouses & guests $15 ea, $25 per couple)

Babysitting will be available, please include in RSVP if needed.

Candidates Attire: Dark suit, black tie, white shirt, white gloves, black socks, black shoes.

Candidates fee: $75.00 (ladies an additional $15.00)
Priests and Seminarians are guests of the assembly – No fee.

Sir Knights Attire: New Uniform, Tuxedo (formal attire) or Business attire (same as candidate)​

Form #4 required to be mailed to Manny Gallardo, Faithful Comptroller no later than Friday, April 27, 2018 to 5324 S 61st Street, Lincoln, NE 68516. Form #4's must be signed by the Financial Secretary of the council attesting candidate is a 3rd Degree in good standing.

RSVP: By Friday, April 27, 2018 to Manny Gallardo, FC at 402-525-5817 or mgallardo2344@gmail.com.

More IMPORTANT Information about
the new 4th Degree uniform
can be found on the Supreme Website.

There is information about how the decision was made
AND available discounts and reimbursement.
The discount has been extended through November 30th.

To view this infomation, CLICK HERE


Concerning the new Fourth Degree Uniform - here is a word-for-word transcript of what Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced at the Supreme Convention this week:

"Throughout the history of the Fourth Degree, its official regalia has changed with the times. In 1940, the white tie, tails and top hat changed to the tuxedo, chapeau and cape that we know so well. And in 1981 different colored capes and chapeaus were officially recognized. This fraternal year we make another historic change. The Board of Directors has decided that the time is right for a modernization of the Fourth Degree Uniform. This morning at the Opening Mass of our Supreme Convention our Vice Supreme Masters processed in wearing the new uniform of the Fourth Degree.

Beginning today the Uniform of the Fourth Degree is a blue blazer with Fourth Degree Emblem, dark-gray slacks, a blue Fourth Degree tie, white shirt, and a black beret with the Fourth Degree Emblem.

On a limited basis, Assemblies may choose to continue using the traditional cape and chapeau for Color Corps at public events and Honor Guards in Liturgical Processions. However, the preferred dress for the Fourth Degree, including Color Corps and Honor Guards, is the new Uniform of jacket and beret."

This is all the information I currently have. As I get more information I will keep you up to date.

James Haiar PSD
District Master
Nebraska Jurisdiction


Holy Mass Crucifix

The Holy Mass Crucifix is presented with the Eucharist at the heart of the crucifix.
As such, it is a catachetical crucifix which reminds us that the
reality of Calvary to all of time and place in the Holy Mass.

Once blessed by a priest, the Apostolic Blessings of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis
are imparted to these crucifixes and to all those who pray for or promote the apostolate in any way.

Speaking of the crucifix Pope Francis said:
"I would like to add a third expression which must distinguish your missionary spirit.
You have a specific and important mission, that of keeping alive the relationship between
the faith and cultures of the people to whom you belong.
You do this through popular piety.

When, for example, you carry the crucifix in procession with such great veneration and love for the Lord,
you are not performing a simple outward act; you are pointing to the centrality
of the Lord's Paschal Mystery, His passion, death, and ressurection which have redeemd us,
and you are reminding yourselves first, as well as the community, that we have to follow Christ
along the concrete path of our daily lives so then He can transform us.

Come home to the Holy Mass. Jesus waits for you.

You can order one of these crosses for $60 through District Master Jim Haiar.
For more information contact 402-333-5899 or haiar@cox.net

Plenary Indulgence

The Norms on Indulgences from the Enchiridion of Indulgences issued on June 1968, #19 states: "The faithful, who devoutly use an article of devotion (crucifix or cross ...) that has been blessed by the Sovereign Pontiff ... the faithful, using it devoutly, can also gain a plenary indulgence on the feast of the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, provided they also make a profession of faith according to any legitimate formula." Once blessed these crucifixes will receive the Apostolic Blessings of 2 popes, so be certain to avail yourself of the Plenary Indulgence.

Fourth Degree
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